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International Case Studies

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  • Hillsborough School District


    12% Saving

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  • IBM


    23% Saving

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  • 7-Eleven


    12.9% Saving

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    30% Saving


ManZia Energy Inc.

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ManZia Energy provide the tools, technology and solutions that enable our clients and partners to achieve their goals and objectives with the minimum level of energy expenditure and consumption. Simply – we will enable you to be as energy efficient as you can.

Our solutions cover an array of industries

We can help your business become energy-wise and cut down wastage.

  • Convenience Stores

  • Hospitality

  • Offices

  • Kitchens | Restaurants

  • Facility Management

  • Heavy Industry

  • Educational Facilities

The world's most complete energy management solution

It’s our job is to make your energy affordable, visible and controllable.

Who we are...

ManZia Energy are based in London and are a passionate provider of cost-effective energy reviewing, monitoring and technology services. We save you money through our knowledge and experience using Big Data solutions, AI and IoT; we proudly help all our clients strip away those hidden costs.

We work with SME’s, Multi Unit Facility Managers, Property Managers, Utilities and Energy Brokers throughout London and Ontario to help them securely manage the energy; reducing energy wastage, increasing control and lowering company carbon footprints.

Why you might need us:

  1. Increasing Reduction Targets

    You’re under increasing pressure to hit top-down energy reduction targets.

  2. Inefficient Building Maintenance

    You need to get control of inefficient building maintenance schedules.

  3. Accurate Tenant Billing

    You need to accurately bill your tenants to avoid dispute and unfairness.

  4. Poor Data Visibility

    You have limited energy data and what you have is difficult to analyse.

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ISO 50001 Energy Management

Alongside the hardware and software our clients need to monitor and manage energy consumption within their buildings, ManZia Energy also provide specialist energy management consultancy.

We help our clients in London and Ontario find cost-saving opportunities that show up in our data reports. And for every new client, we follow a uniform set of standards (SMARRT):

  • S


    Fast on-site analysis using our proprietary mobile app.

  • M


    Accurate energy usage (and wastage) tracking with Eniscope.

  • A


    Real-time trend analysis in the cloud, via our software platform.

  • R


    Saving opportunity analysis alongside retrofit technologies.

  • R


    Comprehensive reporting and granular analysis to inform decision making.

  • T


    Verifying success and target setting. The keys to sustained performance.

laptop energy management in the UAE

Interested in learning more about SMARRT?

Head to the SMARRT page right here

Energy Monitoring & Saving With 7-Eleven

Our leading product – the Eniscope energy management system – is at the core of a nationwide project of energy monitoring and reduction for global convenience store giants 7-Eleven in Denmark, Europe.

This project is being managed by fellow Eniscope enthusiasts and energy consultancy – IQ Energy Nordic. The project covers more than 120 stores across Denmark and provides an excellent example of the capability of our technologies to handle large roll-outs and multi-site project requirements.

7-Eleven are well placed to benefit from the variety of impacts the Eniscope and supporting consultancy provides:

  • 2,700,000 kWh Saved
  • 864 Tonnes CO2 Saved
  • 11.52% Average Savings Via Low-Cost / No-Cost Solutions
  • CSR Reporting System
  • Substantial PR Benefits

The project has been so successful that Eniscope has been recommended internally to the other countries in the region. Proof of Concepts (PoC) are underway in Norway and Sweden at the time of writing.

Interested in exploring Eniscope?

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Our technology can save you energy and money.

Talk with our London-based team to book in a free demo and find out how…

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Get to know Eniscope

The device that allows all the energy and money-saving magic to happen, is Eniscope. It’s described by leading global energy brands as a ‘best-in-class’ management system. To be honest, we think Eniscope is a lot more than that: we think it’s an open door to data clarity and a massive step towards lowering your carbon footprint and your bill costs.

By analysing Big Data taken from your in-building devices and from circuit level inputs, existing meters and IoT sensors, Eniscope supplies clients with a detailed breakdown of how, when and where they’re using (and wasting) energy.

That analytical magic applies to clients who own a single building, or a full portfolio. Eniscope transfers all that information to its smart software platform and – with standalone sensors available including temperature, occupancy, gas, and water – your data is always easy to read.

What’s more, ManZia Energy guarantees that Eniscope is quick to install, has pinpoint accuracy and – for many property managers across London and Ontario, Canada – is indispensable.

Explore Eniscope
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    Second by second energy consumption data

  • ico-point-2

    Clearly verify capital project energy savings

  • ico-point-3

    Identify energy leaks and energy saving opportunities

  • ico-point-4

    Easily integrate with your CAFM or BMS via our API

  • ico-point-5

    Cutting-edge, easy-to-install on-site hardware

  • ico-point-6

    Infinately scalable solution. One dashboard, multiple sites.

  • ico-point-7

    Expose energy-abusing resources and equipment.

  • eniscope industrial energy management system

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