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Eluma LED Lighting

Intelligent LED lighting for
high-bay installations

Lighting is one of the major contributors to corporate energy bills. In fact, it could account for 57% of your energy consumption and most of this energy goes to waste. Thankfully, with Eluma’s occupancy and daylight sensors, business’ can improve their sustainability profile and save up to 85% on lighting costs.

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    Impressive Energy Savings

    Eluma technology cut up to 85% off your lighting bills. In addition, you could see a return on investment within two years, and reduce costs of air conditioning.

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    Reduced Maintenance & Increased Lifespan

    Eluma has an impressive 100,000+ hour lifespan, meaning minor maintenance costs. That’s ten times the lifespan of CFL bulbs. Download Brochure

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    A Better Working Environment

    This smart lighting technology improves light quality, meaning an improved working environment. It also demonstrates a company commitment to sustainability, benefiting your company profile.

Twice the benefits with Atmos

Eluma alone creates impressive savings, but combined with our intelligent Atmos technology, your lighting systems will be completely transformed.

Eluma LED Lights

There are three components to Eluma’s revolutionary impact:

Super-Cool LEDS: The average bulb loses up to 95% of their energy in pure heat. This is clearly an unsustainable level of waste, which can cost your business thousands of dollars. However, our super-cool LEDs significantly reduce this heat loss, meaning huge savings in your lighting bills.

Heat Dissipating Casing: Eluma also boasts a unique casing structure that effectively dissipates heat from the unit, meaning a cool running system. This also results in less pressure on your air conditioning systems!

Extra-Long Lifespan: Removing or replacing fixtures in a high-bay installation is time-consuming and expensive. Luckily, Eluma boasts 10 years – or 100,000 hours – of guaranteed lifespan.

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    Perfect for 3 to 16 metre installation heights

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    Strong and ultra light aluminium casing material

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    Our proprietary Atmos sensor included as standard

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    100% compatible with 220 to 230V supply voltage

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    Eluma units measure at 1330 x 195 x 90cm

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    LEDs with 100,000 hours minimum useful life

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Atmos Intelligent Sensor

Eluma alone is a highly competitive product within the energy efficiency market due to its heat-dissipating casing. However, we decided to maximize its efficacy with Atmos.

Atmos is the catalyst that truly optimizes energy savings. This unique product will mean your lighting costs are cut and your energy efficiency is reduced in a holistic manner.

Atmos is the most intelligent and advanced lighting control available today.

Atmos’ unique wireless sensors not only monitor and react to occupancy levels in a building but also to minute variations in ambient light. This allows our groundbreaking technology to enact ‘daylight harvesting’ – a transformative approach to maintaining light levels using the minimum amount of energy necessary.

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    Daylight harvesting, never use too much energy

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    Wireless control and easy programming

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    Extra 20% savings over LED lights alone

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    UK designed and manufactured to the highest standards

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    Rapid investment ROI, typically within 2 years

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    Occupancy sensing on a fixture-by-fixture level

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Daylight Harvesting

So what is daylight harvesting? Well, every day, the sun contributes to the light profile in your buildings, at varying levels throughout the day. Sometimes, natural light is bright and provides a significant amount of light within your facilities. At others, its impact is negligible.

Harnessing natural light is a simple way to reduce reliance on artificial lighting, and therefore cut energy consumption. Knowing this, we have developed intelligent lighting sensors to modulate the output of your Eluma lights to react to these changes in daylight.

In doing so, Eluma lights maintain a perfect level of lighting in your facility, using the minimum amount of energy. So if a high amount of daylight is present, the lights will dim. If less is available, the lights will brighten.

This process occurs automatically, without any human input, creating optimum lighting at all times, whilst saving up to 20% compared to standard LED lights.

Occupancy Sensing

Even using most energy-efficient lights possible does not mean full energy efficiency – or cost-effectiveness – if your occupants leave them switched on unnecessarily all day.

It happens – people leave lights on without realizing all the time – whether because they are busy or simply get sidetracked. How do we stop this? Well, we simply remove humans from the equation!

When combined with Eluma, our Atmos sensor intelligently monitors the occupancy levels in different areas of your facilities. If a room is unoccupied, the lights will dim or switch off. But here’s the really smart part: each fixture has its own sensor, meaning every single light can react organically and independently to emit the optimum amount of light needed at any given time.

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Everything Your Lights Need

Intelligence, Automation & Performance

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    Impressive Energy Savings

    Eluma returns impressive cuts to energy use and costs

  • 100,000

    Hours Life Cycle

    An extensive working life with zero maintenance needed

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    Of Your Energy Bill

    Lighting comprises up to a huge 57% of energy bills for many businesses

  • 2

    Years Payback Period

    Many clients see a ROI in under 2 years

  • JSmith

    Managing Director

    ADEY Steel Ltd

    "We at ADEY Steel Ltd have been delighted by our new high-bay LED system. It has transformed the shop floor with an extremely rewarding response from all operatives, as well as the positive corresponding cost and energy savings. The team were extremely professional from the initial enquiry right through to the handover and have maintained contact since the installation. We would highly recommend to any future customer - thank you!"

  • DCritchley

    Lead Accountant

    Severn Glocon

    "The installation process was extremely professional and did not impact our business operations at all. We’ve been tracking our usage and the Eluma LED installation will have paid for itself within two to three years."

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