Industrial Energy Saving

All-inclusive energy saving for industrial applications

See, study and understand your energy use through an unlimited number of sites in London and across Ontario, then act to reduce your carbon footprint by using our effective, proven technologies in LED lighting and motor control.

Step 1: Energy Monitoring & Behaviour Change

To successfully run any energy management project, ManZia Energy knows you need to first install real-time energy monitoring equipment. This simple step will unravel your “bad” energy use patterns, which you can then target for reduction to save you money.

Our product Eniscope, gets sites anywhere in London and across Ontario, plugged in, up and running and live with cutting-edge monitoring abilities within just three hours. The installation is quick, safe, and won’t disrupt your work.

Eniscope enables our clients to monitor their usage by themselves, or alongside the helpful and guiding hand of our experts. And, as well as this, you can fit our sleek, custom-designed public displays that are proven to help change staff behaviour. After all, your business wants your staff to all buy-in to the important strategies of lowering your carbon footprint as well as saving you money!

Explore Energy Management
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    Real-time energy consumption data

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    Easily verify capital project energy savings

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    Detect energy leaks and saving opportunities

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    Simple integrate with your CAFM or BMS via our API

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    Infinitely scalable solution for multiple sites on one dashboard

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    Incentivize staff with eye-catching public displays

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  • control and temperature sensors

Step 2: Retrofit Technologies

Following this, we provide innovative retrofit solutions to reduce your energy spend in key areas.



Retrofit Technologies

Smart LED Lighting

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Up to 85% Energy Savings

Lighting can make up over 50% of industrial business’ energy use. Plus, lighting is one of the least efficient elements of your energy profile – with a massive 90% of the energy used in electric lighting lost as heat.

ManZia Energy’s LED lighting system – Eluma – is different. It’s revolutionary LED technology, that uses exceptional heat-dissipating casing, daylight harvesting and room occupancy sensing, means that Eluma is the gold standard in energy saving industrial lighting.

And even better, it does all this automatically. All you need to do is watch how much more energy you use for less money!


Up to 40% Energy Savings

AC induction motors can easily make up around 65% of all energy used in industrial applications. Yet, they are usually inefficient, over-sized and wasteful.

ManZia Energy believes you don’t have to stick with this outdated model. Instead, you could be benefiting from our product, Integra, which modulates the power of the motor depending on its load, whilst preserving the same performance. In short, Integra enables your motor to ‘re-size’ every fraction of a second, so it is just powerful enough for the job it’s doing.

For instance, it’s the approach an escalator’s motor would benefit from. Because it doesn’t need the same amount of energy to carry 1 person, as it does to carry 100.


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Retrofit Technologies

Intelligent Motor Control

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